Oro Chamber Business Development Center

Membership Classification

Trade and Commerce Sector

Wholesale and retail merchandising of new or used consumer, industrial, engineering, chemical, agricultural products or any goods or items for profit to the general public for consumption or utilization.

Manufacturing and Industry Sector

Manufacturing is defined as the physical or chemical transformation of materials or components into new products, whether the work is performed by power-driven machines or by hand, whether it is done in a factory or in the worker’s home, and whether the products are sold at wholesale or retail. This sector includes the generation, collection and distribution of electricity, manufacture of gas, production, collection and distribution of steam and hot water, including collection and distribution of water to household, industrial, commercial and other users. Construction involving structural, civil, electro-mechanical engineering as in dwellings, public and utility building, highway, ports, airports, railways, irrigation, sewerage and industrial facilities are included in this sector.

Services Sector

The provision of a fee involving hotels, restaurants, resorts, travels and tours, sports and leisure, transport, storage, media and advertising, ICT activities, financial intermediation, non-bank financial intermediation, insurance, real estate activities, lease, rent or repair of machineries and equipment, legal, accounting and auditing activities, practice of a profession, research and public opinion polling and business and management consultancy.

Business Support Organizations (BSO) Sector

And utility institutions, non-government organizations, councils, cooperatives, trade and industry associations and business support organizations. Also included in this sector are private hospitals and educational institutions.

Agriculture, Fishery and Mining Sector

Growing and production of farm or forest products, farming and production of livestock, dairy and poultry products, fish and seaweeds farming and catching and culturing of marine products. Also included in this sector is mining and quarrying which in a broad sense encompassing extraction of minerals occurring naturally in solids, liquids or gases.